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It's been a while since I wrote here, but I have been working on this site quite intensively the last year or so. I have gone ahead and rebuilt the backend of the site and automated much of the site to make it easier for me to maintain and expand the site.

And I will, but I am getting ready to spend a year at Stanford in their Graduate School of Business as a Sloan Fellow, so I won't have the time to work on this site as much. So the automation is to help the site maintain itself during that time.

But there are some things which can't be automated and those things I try to find time to do, like re-reviewing firms which have been listed on the site for quite a while. I just went through several thousand firms and if the site was no longer active or had a really old site, it's no longer listed. If the firm changed names/URLs, that has been updated. If a firm has moved or expanded, I have been updating that as well.

But even tackling 2,000 firms, there's still close to 15,000 still active firms on the site. To try and keep the majority of listings up to date, I have been running more automated approaches to keeping links fresh. But there will always be some that slip through. So if you ever find dead or inappropriate links, just email me at and let me know the URL of the firm and the city it was listed in.
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