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Your source for finding web design & development firms as well as individual web designers, developers, programmers and other multimedia & new media professionals from all over the world. The site has been growing since 1998 and now features more than 15,000 firms in over 185 countries.

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Happy 10th Birthday

  The Firm List started out as a collection of bookmarks when my bookmark file reached it's limits. It was just going to be one of many lists of "content" to be found at Tables of Content, a small site started on my site But somehow, I never got around to adding any other types of content, and the web design part just grew & grew. The earliest version of The Firm List wasn't anything special design wise, but it was the framework which is the basic structure of the site to this day.

In April 2000, a talented designer named Andre Matarazzo submitted a splash page which included certain visual elements which I really liked and after asking permission to use those elements, I've spent the next year adding a new visual interest to this site that many people have responded to nicely. I am indebted to Andre for his help.

In the last 20 years, The Firm List has grown to become a network of 30 sites providing tools, resources and information tailored to particular regions. The site has continued to grow beyond all my expectations, with more than 15,000 firms in over 185 countries.

Thank you for a wonderful 20 years!

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Created April 1998 as Tables of Content
Site Circa April 1998
Renamed October 1998
Site Circa October 1998
New Domain May 1999
Site Circa April 2003
Your Best Wishes and Memories
  Your Name:   José Sergio de María
  Your First Visit:   Eres un excelente instrumento para mis trabajos. Que bien, cuánto has crecido. Te felicito de todo corazón y te deseo que no te vayas a corromper: es difícil mantener el nivel tan alto al que has llegado.

rough translation (Babel Fish): You are an excellent instrument for my works. That well, whatever you have grown. I congratulate to you of all heart and I wish you that you are not going away to corrupt: it is difficult to maintain the level so high at which you have arrived.
  Your Best Wishes:   Rezo a Jesús y María, para que estés bien y tus colaboradores, como tus familiares y los que se conectan contigo.

rough translation (Babel Fish): Prayer to Jesus and Maria, so that estes well t? and your collaborators, like your relatives and those that are connected with you.
  Your Name:   Serge Isaacson
  Your First Visit:   Winter of '99. Hooked immediately.
  Your Best Wishes:   Happy B-Day Firm List Still lookin fly in Netscape 4.7. Rawwwwwkkkk!
  Your Name:   Rob McPatrick
  Your Best Wishes:   Tried and true. Might not change but started out pretty solid.
  Your Name:   Prem Nagabhatla
  Your First Visit:   I think it was 2001, I was searching for web design firms and Lo!!! Firm List turned up. I was really happy to see someone doing this. I just loved the design it was so simple well hats off to his simple navigation through the site.
  Your Best Wishes:   On behalf of iConceptua Technologies Inc, I wish Matte who single handedly made FL what it is today through his vision many many more years of FL and hope that FL grows Bigger & Bigger.
  Your Name:   Graham Philburn
  Your Best Wishes:   Will it be acquired like so many other sites on the internet (Flickr, etc.)?
  Your Name:   Alexandria Wong
  Your First Visit:   All I could think is how on earth could there be THAT many firms in the world? And so many good ones!
  Your Best Wishes:   My best wish for FL is that Matte grows ten more hands to keep the pot stirring. What a great dish.
  Your Name:   Doug Jones
  Your First Visit:   It's been so long... Was using Google to find web design firms in various countries in Southeast Asia and I ended up finding this resource and found it to be more useful.
  Your Best Wishes:   Just been impressed with what you've created. And all by one person, amazing!
  Your Name:   Sushant Sah
  Your Best Wishes:   Hope this website becomes a global platform for design firms...
  Your Name:   John Gikanga
  Your First Visit:   FL is too Fly. The site just inspires me. 2 months after I saw it, it was still my homepage. My other Kenyan collegues were all so impressed and kept asking me where I had found it.
  Your Best Wishes:   May FL flourish as it did my site, soon after we signed up, we landed 2 international accounts from Marietta in Atlanta. Thanks Matte.
  Your Name:   Melissa Ray
  Your First Visit:   I visited this site a short time ago and found this to be a great resource. I use this site daily to help with my business and use the other tools offer here at The Firm List.
  Your Best Wishes:   I wish Matte the best of luck with this and I will continue to support and help any way that I can.
  Your Name:   Jay Desai
  Your First Visit:   I am always interested in browsing sites of different Internet companies through out the world, mostly I used to check out, and other such sites, but this is the only site which gives me access to biggest database of Internet companies, it's really helpful
  Your Best Wishes:   My best wishes to the master mind and hard work behind this site.
  Your Name:   James
  Your First Visit:   I remember stumbling across this site listed in I liked the thumbnail and I visited the site. I soon realized that this was a huge database of web companies that I could research for my next job. I was elated. It's now a valued resource for me!
  Your Best Wishes:   Keep up the good work! This is a unique and valuable resource!
  Your Name:   Lisa Brooks
  Your First Visit:   I added my company to the List back in the summer of 1999 which is when I first went into business. The List was my first marketing move and I've received some great referrals -- two that turned into jobs, and consistently get traffic to my site from the List.
  Your Best Wishes:   The List is a terrific service and resource. I really appreciate the work you do and wish you much future success!
  Your Name:   Philip Warbasse
  Your First Visit:   I was searching for Phoenix based web designers / firms to help me on a large project and WANGO TANGO... the Firm List appeared.
  Your Best Wishes:   Great job Matte!!!
The Firm List is now a part of my weekly routine and a great way to discover other firms and designers all over the world not to mention in my own backyard! Better than the phone book! Thanks for all your hard work!
Philip Warbasse
  Your Name:   Jason Vaughn
  Your First Visit:   Wow!!!!
  Your Best Wishes:   Keep up the great work, you have done a bad ass job!!!!!!!
  Your Name:   Sean Gleeson
  Firm:   Lottridge Advertising
  Your First Visit:   I found The Firm List in 1999. I was working for the Oklahoma Press Association back then. I remember thinking it was just about the best designed Web site I had ever seen. I aspired, some day, to contribute a splash page or inset graphic to The Firm List. Two years later, I finally got my wish, and my inset for Kansas is proud to be a part of your fine site. (What? Can't an inset be proud?)
  Your Best Wishes:   Matte, your site is STILL one of the best designed I've ever seen. Keep up the good work; you're an inspiration to us all.
  Your Name:   Pat Lewis
  Firm:   MET Design, Inc.
  Your Best Wishes:   The Firm List has come a long way, baby! You're doing a terrific job, Matt. I rely on the List for up-to-date information on cutting-edge design companies. Thanks for your continued efforts. Pat Lewis,
Vice President
MET Design, Inc.
  Your Name:   Amanda
  Your First Visit:   Hum... I don't think I can remember back that far.. I remember being impressed... it kept me coming back.
  Your Best Wishes:   Happy 4th FirmList! You've provided a great service to us all. And to think the FirmList is the work of just one friendly group of html-lovin' aliens, no wait, maybe that was those 216 minature poodles? I can't remember that either... congrats Matte! Keep up the good work.
  Your Name:   Per Casey
  Your First Visit:   This is it. Great site. Great resource.
  Your Best Wishes:   Happy birthday! What a great site.
  Your Name:   Gary
  Firm:   Paradoxus
  Your Best Wishes:   I just recently discovered your Firm List - I must say I wish I'd come across it earlier, as it's an excellent resource! Congratulations on your 4th anniversary...
  Your Name:   Scott McClintock
  Your Best Wishes:   WOW, congrats... You should celebrate with a store bought cake and a wax number "3"..
  Your Name:   Ryan Wickstrand
  Firm:   BrainStorm Designs
  Your Best Wishes:   Happy Birthday firmlist. You still look young as ever. I remember when you were just a wee little list, and my how you've grown.
  Your Name:   Arash Yazdani
  Firm:   Netimage Media Inc.
  Your Best Wishes:   On behalf of everyone here at Netimage Media Inc. in Victoria, Canada, wish you Matte Elsbernd the best of luck and most success with Firm List and all your other endeavours. Keep supporting the firms out there and especially, those who take design seriously!
  Your Name:   Yael
  Your Best Wishes:   Kudos on what you've created thus far & good luck on your future plans for the Firm List. Whatever time you've put into this over three years -- it really shows. Keep using those pixel fonts!
  Your Name:   Richard
  Firm:   CyberPage Design & Development
  Your Best Wishes:   Congragulations on a job well done. Hope it has been as rewarding for you as it has for us. Being part of a your professional approach and implementation has been very satisfying for us.
  Your Name:   Debbie
  Firm:   DebbieBroome.Com
  Your Best Wishes:   Congrats on 3 great years. Matte, you can tell you care about this site by the way it has grown. Thanks for putting the time and effort into building a site we can benefit from. A great asset for web design firms and one of the best!
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