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Privacy Statement
The Firm List is a site which grew from a collection of Netscape bookmarks to what you see today ( more than 15,000 firms in over 185 countries as I write this). The site has grown entirely organically, by simply adding more and more to the site as I found time. This is a one-person, spare-time project. I have not set out to collect information on people or companies in order to sell it or use it in ways that weren't apparent when you submitted it.

This site collects information in the following ways:
  1. When you submit your firm to the site
  2. When you fill out an Full Member Profile for your firm
  3. When you update information about your firm
  4. When you submit a press release for your firm
All other information that I could possibly have about your or your firm would come through informal emails or comments/feedback you might submit to me.

If you were the individual who submitted any of the above information or are a member of that person's organization, you can request to have the information removed from the site and my records at any point simply by emailing me.

The information that is collected is for the purposes laid out for them. All information you submitted appears on the site in the manner you chose. No email addresses are posted on the site unless you chose to include them, and you are given the choice of what emails to display. The email addresses indicated as contact emails, that are not chosen to be part of a firm's profile are stored on my personal machine and are used only as a means to contact you to notify you of a change to your listing.

No email addresses are harvested and used to send you email newsletters, spam, or product info. You will receive an email after the posting of each piece of information you submit to indicate whether it was or wasn't posted.

There are voluntary email lists which you can subscribe and unsubscribe to using a separate form and process. These email addresses are only used to send out the corresponding email newsletters.

If at any time you feel that something wasn't done in accordance with this statement or feel that I should make a change to my policies, please feel free to email me.

Finally, I have turned away countless firms/individuals asking to purchase/rent my customer list. I have always refused. The information you have submitted will be posted on the site in the appropriate manner and will be available to the public in that form. I cannot make any promises over how users of this site (or their automated software) may use this information, but I hope that they will use it in it's intended manner: to query you about possible work.

Matte Elsbernd
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