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Your source for finding web design & development firms as well as individual web designers, developers, programmers and other multimedia & new media professionals from all over the world. The site has been growing since 1998 and now features more than 15,000 firms in over 185 countries.

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Created: April 1998 (then known as Tables of Content)
Revised & Renamed: October 1998
New Domain: May 1999
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I created The Firm List because of my interest in what was going on in the web design community I work in. Due to my never-ending websurfing, job-hunting and curiosity, I developed a rather large index of web design firms. With this site out there and slowly growing, people started to find it. A large number of firms were now being submitted by the owners of the web design firms themselves. I started to get people writing to ask what my plans were for the site and if they could be involved.

Though The Firm List is just one of several sites I have built for myself at the Electrical Socket, I realized that there was a real niche I was filling. I decided to try and do what I could to fill it. So I moved the site to it's own domain and then started on a large-scale upgrade of the site. I've added many new features and adding more every day.

I have continued to add and update the site, seeing it grow from several hundred firms to more than 15,000 in over 185 countries. With a size greater than the other sites of this type on the web, I have focused on adding more tools & resources while continuing to add more firms. These tools & resources are aimed at my varied audience which includes not only potential clients looking for a firm to hire but also the firms and web designers themselves looking for work or at the competition.

From the beginning, this site was different from the rest by focusing on browsing listings rather than simply doing searches as well as trying to present a global listing rather than one focused on the US. In doing so, I have tried hard to promote the fact that firms from small towns are as important to the industry as those in big cities. That's why I don't simply lump firms into the nearest metro areas. I have future projects in the works which will enhance this effort.

I am not sure exactly what form this site will end up in, or how popular it will become. But I just want to thank all of you who have visited it and participated in making it a better place.

Matte Elsbernd
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